Season 9

Second Chance

Episode 1

Date Aired: September 17, 1967
Plot: Renegade Indians have been on the rampage attacking settlers and raising havoc in the West. Joe and Hoss have gone to warn the settlers when Joe is shot with an arrow. Hoss tries to remove the arrow, but the shaft breaks and it is imbedded in Joe's shoulder, leaving Joe gravely wounded. Hoss desperately searches for help and comes upon a wagon train with an odd assortment of people. There are two women, a thief, a dying doctor, and a coward on the wagon train.
Written by: John Hawkins
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Mulvaney - James Gregory, Estelle Dawson - Bettye Ackerman, Issac Dawson - Joe De Santis

Sense of Duty

Episode 2

Date Aired: September 24, 1967
Plot: Ben, Hoss and Little Joe help the Virginia City militia escort a renegade Indian, who believes he is the Almighty, through hostile Indian territory to prison.
Written by: John Hawkins
Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Candy - David Canary, Sergeant Ankers - Gene Rutherford, Wabuska - Michael Forest

The Conquistadors

Episode 3

Date Aired: October 1, 1967
Plot: A band of Mexican kidnaps Little Joe for a $25,000 ransom. A group of cowboys plan to rescue Joe, kill him and claim the gold for themselves.
Written by: Walter Black
Directed by: John Rich
Guest Stars: Blas - John Saxon, Anderson - John Kellogg, Quail - Mike de Anda

Judgment at Olympus

Episode 4

Date Aired: October 8, 1967
Plot: Candy is arrested for committing murder in the town of Olympus. He is accused of killing Jed Wheelock, the son of wealthy A. Z. Wheelock. He insists on finding his son's killer but he wants a fair trial for Candy. Joe accompanies Candy to make sure things go smoothly, but when Joe is accused of killing a witness who claims he saw Candy kill Jed, Joe is locked up for murder with Candy, and it is up to Hoss to find the killer.
Written by: Walter Black
Directed by: John Rich
Guest Stars: Dayton Fuller - Barry Sullivan, Mary Elizabeth Fuller - Brooke Bundy, A. Z. Wheelock - Arch Johnson

Night of Reckoning

Episode 5

Date Aired: October 15, 1967
Plot: A sadistic outlaw named Dibbs along with his gang, take siege of the Ponderosa, holding Joe, Hoss, and Candy prisoners. Their foreman, Donny Buckler, has stashed $60,000 dollars and Dibbs will stop at nothing short of murder to get his hands on it.
Written by: Walter Black
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Dibbs - Richard Jaeckel, Donny Buckler - Ron Hayes, Kelly Lincrom - Joan Freeman

False Witness

Episode 6

Date Aired: October 22, 1967
Plot: While at the bank in Sandust, Little Joe and the bank's secretary witness an armed robbery. During a subsequent gunfight, the main culprit kills the banker, but is quickly brought to justice. Joe, Hoss and Candy agree to be witnesses but must avoid being killed in the meantime.
Written by: Eric Norden
Directed by: Michael D. Moore
Guest Stars: Valerie Townsend - Davey Davison, Billy Slater - Michael Blodgett, Doug Slater - Bill Fletcher

The Gentle Ones

Episode 7

Date Aired: October 29, 1967
Plot: Most people consider Mark Cole a coward, but he does not hesitate to step forward when his brother attempts to break a horse by torturing it.
Written by: Frank Chase
Directed by: Harry Harris
Guest Stars: Mark Cole - Robert Walker, Jr., Dana Dawson - Lana Wood, Frank Cole - Pat Conway

Desperate Passage

Episode 8

Date Aired: November 5, 1967
Plot: Driving horses to Utah, the Cartwrights and Candy discover only two people left in a town wiped out by rampaging Paiute Indians. Together, Mary Burns and Josh Tanner must travel through hostile territory, along with the Cartwrights and Candy.
Written by: John Hawkins
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Josh Tanner - Steve Forrest, Mary Burns - Tina Louise

The Sure Thing

Episode 9

Date Aired: November 12, 1967
Plot: A young girl's ownership of a beloved stallion is jeopardized by the "big plans" of her scheming father.
Written by: Sydney Ellis
Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Trudy Loughlin - Kim Darby, Bert Loughlin - Tom Tully

Showdown at Tahoe

Episode 10

Date Aired: November 19, 1967
Plot: A career robber who claims to be a lumber man, and his gang plan to use Ben's new freight paddleboat to haul a $1 million currency shipment to San Francisco.
Written by: Thomas Thompson
Directed by: Gerald Mayer
Guest Stars: Jamison Fillmore - Richard Anderson, Captain Nells Larson - Karl Swenson, Julie Larson - Shelia Larken

Six Black Horses

Episode 11

Date Aired: November 26, 1967
Plot: Ben's old friend has stolen money from corrupt politicians in New York and plans to invest in Nevada.
Written by: William Jerome
Directed by: Don Daves
Guest Stars: Onie Dugan - Burgess Meredith, McCoy - Richard X. Slattery, Julie - Judy Parker

Check Rein

Episode 12

Date Aired: December 3, 1967
Plot: An injured rancher, who has enlisted the aid of the Cartwrights to buy back one of his horses after his farm is foreclosed, must avoid getting killed by his ruthless uncle, who will stop at nothing to gain full control of the ranch.
Written by: Robert I. Holt
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Jace Fredericks - James MacArthur, Cathy - Patricia Hyland

Justice Deferred

Episode 13

Date Aired: December 17, 1967
Plot: An anguished Hoss discovers that his testimony helped hang an innocent man accused of murder. As he struggles to bring the real killer to justice, Hoss must also combat the cowardice of another witness and the jury foreman, an influential banker.
Written by: Jack Miller
Directed by: Gerald Mayer
Guest Stars: Frank Scott and Mel Barnes - Simon Oakland, Gladys - Nita Talbot, Andy Buchanan - Carl Reindel

The Gold Detector

Episode 14

Date Aired: December 24, 1967
Plot: Hoss wants to buy a mine thought to be worthless and orders a fancy invention to prove it isn't and becomes the local laughingstock in town
Written by: Ward Hawkins
Directed by: Don Daves
Guest Stars: Professor Albert McNultey - Wally Cox, Barney - Paul Fix, Casey - Caroline Richter

The Trackers

Episode 15

Date Aired: January 7, 1968
Plot: A man, recently released from prison for bank robbery, is accused of robbing the same Virginia City bank and gunning down a teller. The Cartwrights try to protect the accused man from a posse that intends to lynch him before his trial.
Written by: Louis Bercovitch
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Guest Stars: Sam Bregan - Warren Stevens, Kully Mako - Bruce Dern

A Girl Named George

Episode 16

Date Aired: January 14, 1968
Plot: Trick photography is employed to help a killer beat a murder rap, to prove he was not there at the time of the murder he committed. However, the camera also proves to be his undermining.
Written by: William H. Wright
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Enos Blessing - Jack Albertson, George - Sheliah Wells

The Thirteenth Man

Episode 17

Date Aired: January 21, 1968
Plot: The ranchers are once again losing stock to rustlers and not everyone agrees with range detective Marcus Alley's preventive methods.
Written by: Walter Black
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Marcus Alley - Albert Salmi, Arch Holenbeck - Richard Carlson

The Burning Sky

Episode 18

Date Aired: January 28, 1968
Plot: A cruel, sadistic, alcoholic and racist rancher named Aaron Gore stalks the wife of Ben's friend, whom he has hired as a horse trainer. The woman is a glowingly beautiful Sioux who befriends Mr. Gore's son, whom he regularly beats up. Mr. Gore uses some incredibly vicious means to ensure she regrets ever having anything to do with his son.
Written by: William H. Wright
Directed by: John Rich
Guest Stars: Moon - Dawn Wells, Will Holt - Michael Murphy

The Price of Salt

Episode 19

Date Aired: February 4, 1968
Plot: When a young woman inherits her late father's salt mine, a greedy rancher wants to buy all the salt for himself. Ben, standing for the smaller ranchers who cannot afford to pay the heiress' prices, bids against the wealthy rancher to get a fair price for all.
Written by: B.W. Sandefur
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Ada Halle - Kim Hunter, Vern Shaler - James Best, Cash Talbot - John Doucette

Blood Tie

Episode 20

Date Aired: February 18, 1968
Plot: A band of outlaws enact a scheme to rob the Ponderosa, by tricking Hoss and Little Joe away from the ranch and leaving a wounded Ben alone at home.
Written by: Arthur Dales
Directed by: Seymour Robbie
Guest Stars: Tracy Blaine - Robert Drivas, Fargo Taylor - Leo Gordon, Clay Taylor - Conlon

The Crime of Johnny Mule

Episode 21

Date Aired: February 25, 1968
Plot: Hoss stands alone in refusing to convict Johnny Mule, a "slow" ranch hand who is accused of robbing and murdering his boss. So when Johnny Mule fearing he'll be lynched, regardless of the verdict escapes from jail during jury deliberations, it's Hoss who takes the heat.
Written by: Joel Murcott
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Johnny Mule - Noah Beery Jr., Marcie - Colleen Gray

The Late Ben Cartwright

Episode 22

Date Aired: March 3, 1968
Plot: In order to ruin the plans of a corrupt politician, Ben allows everyone to think that an attempt on his life was successful.
Written by: Walter Black
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Samuel Endicott - Sidney Blackmer

Star Crossed

Episode 23

Date Aired: March 10, 1968
Plot: Candy falls in love with a beautiful young woman, unaware that the man claiming to be her cousin is a bounty hunter who is not only harassing her but has framed her for murder and robbery.
Written by: Thomas Thompson
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Laura Jean Pollard - Tisha Sterling, Marshal Passmore - William Windom

Trouble Town

Episode 24

Date Aired: March 17, 1968
Plot: The Ponderosa ranch hands are at Riverbend during a cattle drive. While there, Candy meets an old friend, Lilah Holden, working in a saloon. When the cattle drive is ready to move on, Candy resigns to stay and help Lilah. It is not long before Ben, Hoss, and Joe are involved.
Written by: David Lang
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Sheriff Claude Booker - Robert J. Wilke, Lila Holden - Elizabeth MacRae

Commitment at Angelus

Episode 25

Date Aired: April 7, 1968
Plot: When a horse steps on Candy's hand out on the trail, he and Joe go to Angelus to find a doctor. When they arrive, Joe sees his friend, Steve Regan, an Angelus miner. Steve tells Joe that the miners have gone on strike at his suggestion; the timber supports in the tunnels are rotting away. Joe offers him a day's wages to help him drive the wild horses, since Candy's hand is injured.
Written by: Peter Germano
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Stephanie Regan - Marj Dusay, Emmet Hudson - Peter Whitney

A Dream to Dream

Episode 26

Date Aired: April 14, 1968
Plot: An alcoholic rancher, drinking away his bitterness, makes live unbearable for his wife and children. Hoss helps reform his friend while bringing happiness and stability to his family.
Written by: Michael Landon
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Sarah Carter - Julie Harris, Josh Carter - Steve Ihnat, Timmy Carter - Johnny Whitaker, Sally Carter - Michelle Tobin

In Defense of Honor

Episode 27

Date Aired: April 28, 1968
Plot: Davey a orphaned Yute that Ben helped raise and has worked as a ranch hand on the Ponderosa falls in love with one of his own. A fellow Yute's jealousy over the blossoming relationship, and later his murder jeopardize a treaty between the white man (which Ben has helped negotiate) and the Yutes.
Written by: William Douglas Lansford
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Guest Stars: Davey - Lou Antonio, Chief Longspear - Arnold Moss, Bright Moon - Cherie Latimer

To Die in Darkness

Episode 28

Date Aired: May 5, 1968
Plot: While the others are away, Ben and Candy are lured by an old friend of Ben's to go somewhere. The "friend" traps them in a deep pit. He comes back to give them food, but how long will he be feeling "generous"?
Written by: Michael Landon
Directed by: Michael Landon
Guest Stars: John Postley - James Whitmore, Warden - Noah Keen

The Bottle Fighter

Episode 29

Date Aired: May 12, 1968
Plot: Hoss is accused of stabbing a man to death, and his only hope of acquittal is a once great trial lawyer who is now a hopeless drunk.
Written by: John Hawkins
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Barney Sturgess - Albert Dekker

The Arrival of Eddie

Episode 30

Date Aired: May 19, 1968
Plot: Eddie McKay, the son of a robber and murderer who Hoss killed several years ago in a shootout, returns to Virginia City to make a good start. Hoss wants to help reform Eddie and help him get over his bitter feelings for the Cartwrights, but it's an uphill battle. Not helping matters a rancher who wants Eddie to help him steal from the Ponderosa.
Written by: Ward Hawkins
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Guest Stars: Eddie Makay - Jan-Michael Vincent

The Stronghold

Episode 31

Date Aired: May 26, 1968
Plot: Joe and Candy sell a herd to the Farrell Brothers in Arizona, but are paid a worthless bank draft. The widow of the man one of the brothers killed helps them get their money back, and the brothers' hatred for each other is their undoing.
Written by: John Hawkins
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Mike Farrell - Paul Mantee, Josh Farrell, Michael Witney, Lisa Jackson - Lynda Day

Pride of a Man

Episode 32

Date Aired: June 2, 1968
Plot: Joe reluctantly takes a job as a substitute teacher and must contend with two older students who have no use for an education.
Written by: Ward Hawkins
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Willie McNab - Kevin Coughlin, Abby Pettigraw - Anne Helm, Will McNab - Morgan Woodward, Billy McNab - Steve Cory

A Severe Case of Matrimony

Episode 33

Date Aired: July 7, 1968
Plot: An untalented gypsy girl tries to get the Cartwrights to finance her career as an opera singer.
Written by: Michael Fessier
Directed by: Lewis Allen
Guest Stars: Rosalita - Susan Strasberg

Stage Door Johnnies

Episode 34

Date Aired: July 28, 1968
Plot: Hoss and Joe rival for the affections of visiting entertainer Mademoiselle Denise, though she is more concerned for her little dog, Andre, than anything else.
Written by: Alex Sharp
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Miss Denise - Kathleen Crowley, Mr. Fillmore - Walter Brooke