Season 6

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Invention of a Gunfighter

Episode 1

Date Aired: September 20, 1964
Plot: Joe teaches Johnny Chapman how to use a gun for defense. What Joe doesn't see is the deadly consequences that it has in the long run when Johnny becomes a gunfighter.
Written by: Dan Ullman
Directed by: John Florea
Guest Stars: Johnny Chapman - Guy Stockwell

The Hostage

Episode 2

Date Aired: September 27, 1964
Plot: Outlaws capture Ben and hide him in an abandoned mine, holding him for a ransom. The boys must come up with a plan to save him before it's too late.
Written by: Donn Mullally
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Chad - Harold J. Stone

The Wild One

Episode 3

Date Aired: October 4, 1964
Plot: Lafe Jessup doesn't really want to be married, and now he's about to be a father! The horse wrangler finds a fight with Hoss at his reluctance to perform his duties.
Written by: Jo Pagano
Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Lafe Jessup - Aldo Ray, Prudence Jessup - Kathryn Hays

Thanks for Everything, Friend

Episode 4

Date Aired: October 11, 1964
Plot: After inadvertantly falling into the river, Adam is rescued by Tom Wilson. Wilson has feelings for Sue Miller, which bring him into trouble after her father is killed.
Written by: Jerry Adelman
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Guest Stars: Tom Wilson - Rory Calhoun, Sue - Linda Foster

Logan's Treasure

Episode 5

Date Aired: October 18, 1964
Plot: Sam Logan is released from jail after serving his twenty year sentence for stealing $100,000 worth of gold dust. He is followed by a bounty hunter who believes Sam will lead him to where the gold is buried.
Written by: Ken Pettus
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Sam Logan - Dan Duryea, Frank Reed - John Kellogg

The Scapegoat

Episode 6

Date Aired: October 25, 1964
Plot: Hoss hires Waldo as a ranch hand after keeping Waldo from killing himself. Hoss soon learns that Waldo is lousy at his job and only causes problems for everyone else due to his clumsiness. Although Hoss is willing to defend him, he soon finds out a secret about Waldo.
Written by: Rod Peterson
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Guest Stars: Waldo Watson - George Kennedy, Nancy - Sandra Warner

A Dime's Worth of Glory

Episode 7

Date Aired: November 1, 1964
Plot: An author is inspired to write about the heroic Cartwrights after watching first-hand as they fight off an attempted robbery of a stage. As Ben and Adam see no use for the glory of such a novel, they turn the writer down forcing him to turn to the sherriff who quickly accepts.
Written by: Esther Shapiro
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Sheriff Reed Laramore - Bruce Cabot, Tobias Finch - Walter Brooke

Square Deal Sam

Episode 8

Date Aired: November 8, 1964
Plot: A conman heads into town and takes advantage of the Cartwrights with a fake land deal. The conman ends up staying in Virginia city to run an orphanage.
Written by: Jessica Benson
Directed by: Murray Golden
Guest Stars: Sam Washburn - Ernest Truex, Martha Washburn - Nydia Westman

Between Heaven and Earth

Episode 9

Date Aired: November 15, 1964
Plot: When Joe and his friend Mitch go after a puma, Joe climbs a big peak and throws his gun up higher, intending to crawl up after it. But as he looks down, things begin to spin. He realises he can't go any higher, and he retreats down the hill. Needing to prove himself, Joe spars against Mitch.
Written by: Ed Adamson
Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Mitch Devlin - Richard Jaeckel

Old Sheba

Episode 10

Date Aired: November 22, 1964
Plot: As payment for a performance in a circus, Joe and Hoss are given an elephant. They want to keep it but encounter opposition from Adam and Ben.
Written by: Alex Sharp
Directed by: John Florea
Guest Stars: Mr. Tweedy - William Demarest, Bearcat - Henry Kulky

A Man to Admire

Episode 11

Date Aired: December 6, 1964
Plot: Hoss relies on clever attorney Whitney Parker, who has a drinking problem, to clear him of a murder charge.
Written by: Mort R. Lewis
Directed by: John Florea
Guest Stars: Whitney Parker - James Gregory

The Underdog

Episode 12

Date Aired: December 13, 1964
Plot: Little Joe convinces Ben to hire Harry Starr, a half-Indian who is accused by other ranchers of being a chronic horse thief. Joe sets out to prove the others wrong, but is the youngest Cartwright's trust misplaced?
Written by: Don Mullavy
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Harry Starr - Charles Bronson

A Knight to Remember

Episode 13

Date Aired: December 20, 1964
Plot: Two robberies take place on stagecoaches that Adam is traveling on, and both times a knight in shining armor scares the robbers away. Adam is accused of robbery, and his story about the knight is none too helpful.
Written by: Robert V. Barron
Directed by: Vincent McEveety
Guest Stars: King Arthur - Henry Jones, Phoebe - Zeme North

The Saga of Squaw Charlie

Episode 14

Date Aired: December 27, 1964
Plot: A peaceful Indian is framed for the kidnapping of a young girl, a stunt which ends of tragedy.
Written by: Warren Douglas
Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Squaw Charlie / Red Eagle - Anthony Caruso

The Flapjack Contest

Episode 15

Date Aired: January 3, 1965
Plot: Hoss unknowingly enters a flapjack contest and Joe puts Hoss on a diet which Hoss doesn't care for. Joe's betting on the flapjack contest could get him into some trouble and will he ever succeed in getting the window pane his Pa wants?
Written by: Frank Cleaver
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Trager - Johnny Seven, Big Ed - Mel Berger, Lily - Joan Huntington

The Far, Far Better Thing

Episode 16

Date Aired: January 10, 1965
Plot: On their way to prevent a young woman from encountering the renegade Indians, Joe and Tuck are captured, and in order to save them all, Joe must fight Sharp Tongue, who is the leader of the band who went to school with Joe as a youth.
Written by: Mort R. Lewis
Directed by: Bernard McEveety
Guest Stars: Lucinda Melviney - Brenda Scott, Tuck - Warren Vanders

Woman of Fire

Episode 17

Date Aired: January 17, 1965
Plot: Ben's friend, Don Miguel, visits the Ponderosa with his two daughters, Margarita and Elena, and Elena's two very anxious suitors. Their mission? They're on their way to California to meet Margarita's suitor, Don Luis. Trouble is, Margarita is a "woman of fire" who manages to scare away all suitors with her hot temper. Since Margarita is the older daughter, she must be married before Elena. Elena's two suitors are quickly losing their patience, and Don Miguel fears his name will be disgraced if Margarita rejects Don Luis.
Written by: Suzanne Clauser
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Margarita - Joan Hackett, Don Luis Santana - Cesare Danova, Elena - Susan Silo, Don Miguel - Jay Novello

The Ballerina

Episode 18

Date Aired: January 24, 1965
Plot: Kellie Conrad dances and her father plays the fiddle to earn a living. Hoss feels a sense of guilt after he unintentionally hurts the arm that Kellie's father uses to play the fiddle, in a saloon fight with some roughnecks. He gets them to stay at the Ponderosa while the girl's father recuperates. While there, Ben introduces Kellie to his friend Paul Mandel, a ballet star before an explosion cut his dancing career short. Kellie persuades Paul to help her learn ballet. She soon comes to the realization that she loves both the ballet and Paul. She struggles inwardly to make a choice between her love of ballet and giving it all up for the love of her father.
Written by: Frank Chase
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Kellie Conrad - Barrie Chase, Paul Mandel - Warren Stevens, Ned Conrad - Douglas Fowley

The Flannel-Mouth Gun

Episode 19

Date Aired: January 31, 1965
Plot: Adam becomes involved with a quick-triggered range detective hired by the Virginia City Cattleman's Association to find out who is responsible for all the rustling going on in the area.
Written by: Paul Leslie Wilke
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Sherman Clegg - Earl Holliman

The Ponderosa Birdman

Episode 20

Date Aired: February 7, 1965
Plot: Professor Klump and Amanda pull Hoss into their flying machine scheme. The "Hoss-mobile" doesn't seem to be destined for a great take-off.
Written by: Blair Robertson
Directed by: Herbert L. Strock
Guest Stars: Professor Phineas T. Klump - Ed Wynn, Amanda - Marlyn Mason

The Search

Episode 21

Date Aired: February 14, 1965
Plot: Adam sets out to track down the man who has been impersonating him to clear his reputation.
Written by: Frank Cleaver
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Ann - Lola Albright

The Deadliest Game

Episode 22

Date Aired: February 21, 1965
Plot: The Cartwrights play host to Guido Borelli, a world renowed aerial acrobat who once saved Ben's life in Italy. Borelli's troup is beset by internal strife, and is performing in Virginia City.
Written by: Jo Pagano
Directed by: Gerd Oswald
Guest Stars: Guido Borelli - Cesar Romero, Carlo Alfieri - Fabrizio Mioni, Petina - Ilze Taurins

Once a Doctor

Episode 23

Date Aired: February 28, 1965
Plot: Hoss' latest acquaintance, an Englishman named Professor Poppy, is actually Percival Alexander Mundy, M.D., who has given up the practice of medicine. However, when Hoss is shot in the back, only Mundy's skill can save his life.
Written by: Martha Wilkerson
Directed by: Tay Garnett
Guest Stars: Professor Poppy / Dr. Percival Alexander Mundy - Michael Rennie

Right Is the Fourth R

Episode 24

Date Aired: March 7, 1965
Plot: While working as a substitute teacher, Adam uncovers an ugly secret about the territory's past that others prefer remain hidden.
Written by: Jerry Adelman
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Guest Stars: Colonel Scott - Everett Sloane, Barbara - Mariette Hartley

Hound Dog

Episode 25

Date Aired: March 21, 1965
Plot: Cousin Muley Jones returns to the Ponderosa, along with a pack of noisy hound dogs, in this funny sequel to "The Saga Of Muley Jones".
Written by: Alex Sharp
Directed by: Ralph E. Black
Guest Stars: Muley Jones - Bruce Yarnell, Tracey Ledbetter - Sue Ane Langdon, Abner Ledbetter - Chubby Johnson

The Trap

Episode 26

Date Aired: March 28, 1965
Plot: One of Joe's old girlfriends thinks he killed her husband so they could come together. Unfortunately, that is what her husband's twin brother also believes.
Written by: Ken Pettus
Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Burk and Booth Shannon - Steve Cochran, Hallie - Joan Freeman

Dead and Gone

Episode 27

Date Aired: April 4, 1965
Plot: Adam tries to find the good in Howard Mead, a talented troubadour who refuses to stay on the right side of the law. Dramatic debut of singer/songwriter Hoyt Axton. Last episode Pernell Roberts worked on, although he appears in the next two, that were made prior to this episode and aired afterwards.
Written by: Paul Schneider
Directed by: Robert Totten
Guest Stars: Howard Mead - Hoyt Axton, Hilda Brunner - Susanne Cramer, Johann Brunner - Steve Ihnat

A Good Night's Rest

Episode 28

Date Aired: April 11, 1965
Plot: First Ben's sons are making lots of noise, so he goes into town to sleep in the hotel. Then, various noises and things interrupt Ben's sleep. Will he ever get his desired good night's rest?
Written by: Jeffrey Fleece
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Potts - Eddie Firestone, Lucy - Abigail Shelton, Mrs. Jenny Jenkins - Jean Willes

To Own the World

Episode 29

Date Aired: April 18, 1965
Plot: One of the wealthiest men in the world, Charles Augustus Hackett, offers to buy the Ponderosa, price no object. Ben says the ranch is not for sale and Hackett refuses to give up.
Written by: Ed Adamson
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Guest Stars: Charles Augustus Hackett - Telly Savalas, Maria Hackett - Linda Lawson

Lothario Larkin

Episode 30

Date Aired: April 25, 1965
Plot: Ladies' man Lothario Larkin creates havoc whenever he hits Virginia City, so Roy Coffee orders him out of town. Naturally, Hoss takes him in.
Written by: Warren Douglas
Directed by: William Witney
Guest Stars: Lothario Larkin - Noah Beery, Jr., Laura - Dorothy Green

The Return

Episode 31

Date Aired: May 2, 1965
Plot: No one in Virginia City is happy to see ex-con Trace Cordell, especially the man he crippled in a gunfight, now married to Cordell's former girlfriend.
Written by: Frank Chase
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Guest Stars: Trace Cordell - Tony Young, Clara Dorn - Linda Blackman


Episode 32

Date Aired: May 2, 1965
Plot: The Ponderosa hands are upset when new hand George Whitman is hired on, it is rumored he is a jinx. Hoss tells George to ignore such foolishness, but a gypsy fortune teller says otherwise.
Written by: Preston Wood
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: George Whitman - Andrew Prine

The Spotlight

Episode 33

Date Aired: May 16, 1965
Plot: Ben invites opera singer Angela Bergstrom to perform at Virginia City's anniversary celebration. She accepts, but does not tell him that her famous singing voice is long gone
Written by: Richard Carr
Directed by: Gerd Oswald
Guest Stars: Angela Bergstrom - Viveca Lindfors, Carleton Ames - Ron Randell

Patchwork Man

Episode 34

Date Aired: May 23, 1965
Plot: Hoss befriends a self-demeaning recluse named Patch, who makes the best apple pie Hoss has ever tasted. Hoss is so impressed with him, especially his pie, that he hires him to work on the Ponderosa. Ben, however, is unimpressed with Hoss' new friend when the Cartwrights get into a gunfight with a mining outfit, and Patch cowers. He has a deepseeded fear of violence stemming from an incident in his teen years, but he knows in order to survive in the West, he must overcome it.
Written by: William Koenig
Directed by: Ralph E. Black
Guest Stars: Albert "Patch" Saunders - Grant Williams