Season 5

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She Walks in Beauty

Episode 1

Date Aired: September 22, 1963
Plot: Hoss wants to marry mysterious Regan Miller, a woman with less than a pristine past. When he thinks Adam is trying to steal her away, he loses control and beats Adam up.
Written by: William Stuart
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Regan Miller - Gena Rowlands, Emilia - Jeanne Cooper

A Passion for Justice

Episode 2

Date Aired: September 29, 1963
Plot: Renowned English novelist Charles Dickens comes to Virginia City. In short order, he is accused of a crime he didn't commit. The problem then becomes how to convince the stubborn author to defend himself.
Written by: Peter Packer
Directed by: Murray Golden
Guest Stars: Charles Dickens - Jonathan Harris, Dan Stoker - Victor Maddern

Rain from Heaven

Episode 3

Date Aired: October 6, 1963
Plot: A destitute rainmaker and his family arrive in drought-stricken Virginia City. While Ben tries to help him make rain, Hoss tends to the man's seriously ill little girl.
Written by: Robert Vincent Wright
Directed by: Lewis Allen
Guest Stars: Tulsa Weems - John Anderson, Jube Weems - Mickey Sholdar, Mrs. Weems - Claudia Byrar

Twilight Town

Episode 4

Date Aired: October 13, 1963
Plot: Joe is bushwhacked in the desert and awakens to find himself in Martinville, a town that may or may not be populated by ghosts. An errie, surrealistic and well-produced episode.
Written by: Cy Chermak
Directed by: John Florea
Guest Stars: Louise Corman - Davey Davison, Katie O' Brien - Doris Dowling, Mr. Corman - Stacy Harris

The Toy Soldier

Episode 5

Date Aired: October 20, 1963
Plot: Adam encounters drunken artist James Callan, branded a "squaw man" because he is married to an Indian, and whose talent is going to waste in the town of Sheep Head.
Written by: Warren Douglas
Directed by: Tay Garnett
Guest Stars: James Callan - Philip Abbott, McDermott - Morgan Woodward

A Question of Strength

Episode 6

Date Aired: October 27, 1963
Plot: Hoss and a pair of nuns, the younger one having a difficult time training for the order, are robbed and stranded at a way station.
Written by: Frank Cleaver
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Mother Veronica - Ilka Windish, Sister Mary Kathleen - Judy Carne

Calamity over the Comstock

Episode 7

Date Aired: November 3, 1963
Plot: Joe has a run-in with Calamity Jane, and takes her home with him after promising her dying father to take care of her. At first the Cartwrights (besides Joe) think "Cal" is a boy, but they soon find out differently. Cal begins to fall in love with Joe, but Joe finds her attentions unwanted...especially when Cal's boyfriend, Doc Holliday, has it in for Joe.
Written by: Warren Douglas
Directed by: Charles Rondeau
Guest Stars: Calamity Jane - Stefanie Powers, Doc Holliday - Christopher Dark

Journey Remembered

Episode 8

Date Aired: November 10, 1963
Plot: Ben finds an old journal that he kept while in a wagon train travelling from St. Joseph, Missouri to Ash Hollow. As he is reading it Ben remembers the journey he undertook with his wife Inger and a young Adam. During the trip Hoss is born and they have trouble with some Indians.
Written by: Anthony Lawrence
Directed by: Irving J. Moore
Guest Stars: Inger Cartwright - Inga Swenson

The Quality of Mercy

Episode 9

Date Aired: November 17, 1963
Plot: Joe struggles to understand whether his friend was right in killing a dying man who pleaded to put out of his misery.
Written by: Peter Packer
Directed by: Joseph H. Lewis
Guest Stars: Seth Pruitt - Richard Rust, Sara Pruitt - Nancy Rennick

The Waiting Game

Episode 10

Date Aired: December 8, 1963
Plot: Adam becomes involved with the recently widowed Laura Dayton and her little girl, Peggy.
Written by: Ed Adamson
Directed by: Richard Sarafin
Guest Stars: Laura Dayton - Kathie Browne, Peggy Dayton - Katie Sweet

The Legacy

Episode 11

Date Aired: December 15, 1963
Plot: Adam, Hoss and Joe mistakenly believe their father was murdered. They split into 3 different directions to confront the supposed killers. In his heart, Ben knows his sons will not act outside the law; but he is not 100% sure that Joe will behave correctly.
Written by: Anthony Wilson
Directed by: Bernard McEveety
Guest Stars: Jacob Dormann - Robert H. Harris, Page - James Best, Billy Chapin - Sandy Kevin, Gannon - Phillip Pine

Hoss and the Leprechauns

Episode 12

Date Aired: December 22, 1963
Plot: In what is arguably the best comedy of the series, Hoss swears he has seen green elves running around the Ponderosa and a smooth-talking Irishman complicates matters even worse.
Written by: Robert V. Barron
Directed by: John Florea
Guest Stars: Professor James McCarthy - Sean McClory, Timothy - Frank Delfino, Harry Monte, Felix Silla, Nels Nelson, Roger Arroya

The Prime of Life

Episode 13

Date Aired: December 29, 1963
Plot: Ben becomes irritable and reckless when the completion of an important timber contract is hindered by an old rival.
Written by: Peter Packer
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Guest Stars: Barney Fuller - Jay C. Flippen, Martha - Melora Conway

The Lila Conrad Story

Episode 14

Date Aired: January 5, 1964
Plot: Joe and Adam protect a saloon girl, who has killed in self-defense, from an angry lynch mob. The accompanying Judge, along with his wife, takes a liking to Lila, and before it is all over, he and Lila discover much more about themselves.
Written by: Preston Wood
Directed by: Tay Garnett
Guest Stars: Judge David Knowlton - Andrew Duggan, Lila Conrad - Patricia Blair

Ponderosa Matador

Episode 15

Date Aired: January 12, 1964
Plot: Adam, Hoss, and Joe vie for the attention of a pretty young lady named Dolores. Hoss talks Joe into entering a bull fight, but it doesn't work out quite as planned.
Written by: Alex Sharp
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Dolores Tenino - Marianna Hill, Senior Tenino - Nestor Paiva, Jigger Therman - Frank Ferguson

My Son, My Son

Episode 16

Date Aired: January 19, 1964
Plot: Ben's plans to marry Katherine Saunders are upset when her son Eden is accused of killing his former girlfriend.
Written by: Denne Bart Petitclerc
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Katherine Saunders - Teresa Wright, Eden - Dee Pollock

Alias Joe Cartwright

Episode 17

Date Aired: January 26, 1964
Plot: A man who looks similar to Joe uses Joe's name and gets Joe in the position of facing the firing squad.
Written by: Robert Vincent Wright
Directed by: Lewis Allen
Guest Stars: Sergeant O' Roarke - Keenan Wynn, Captain Merced - Douglas Dick

The Gentleman from New Orleans

Episode 18

Date Aired: February 2, 1964
Plot: The new stranger in town claims to be the famous pirate Jean Lafitte, and Hoss believes him.
Written by: William Bruckner
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Jean Lafitte - John Dehner

The Cheating Game

Episode 19

Date Aired: February 9, 1964
Plot: In this sequel to "The Waiting Game", Laura resents Adam's advice on how she ought to be running her ranch. A newcomer, Ward Bannister, comes to her aid, but is actually part of a scheme to steal her ranch.
Written by: William L. Stuart
Directed by: Joseph Sargent
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne - Laura Dayton, Ward Bannister - Peter Breck, Peggy Dayton - Katie Sweet

Bullet for a Bride

Episode 20

Date Aired: February 16, 1964
Plot: While out hunting for a mountain lion, Joe accidently shots Tessa Caldwell causing her to go blind. As a result of his guilt, Joe ends up proposing to the girl. However, other circumstances arise that cause Tessa to make a rash decision - one that both her and Joe may regret in the future.
Written by: Tom Seller
Directed by: Tay Garnett
Guest Stars: Tessa Caldwell - Marlyn Mason, Marcus - Denver Pyle

King of the Mountain

Episode 21

Date Aired: February 23, 1964
Plot: When mountain man Jim Leyton decides to marry, he chooses Hoss as his best man. Julie's father, Grizzly, does not agree and Hoss must come to the rescue.
Written by: Robert Sabaroff
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Jim Leyton - Slim Pickens, Julie - Laurie Mitchell, Grizzly - Robert Middleton

Love Me Not

Episode 22

Date Aired: March 1, 1964
Plot: While talking with an Indian, Ben is given an unexpected present...a woman. She is a young white woman named Joan who has lived with the Indians since she was a little girl. Through a humorous learning experience, Ben tries to teach Joan how to behave like a white woman. In the process, Ben finds himself in an awkward situation.
Written by: Frank Unger
Directed by: Tay Garnett
Guest Stars: Joan - Anjanette Comer

The Pure Truth

Episode 23

Date Aired: March 8, 1964
Plot: Hoss is suffering from spring fever, goes to the wrong town and is accused of bank robbery.
Written by: Lois Hire
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Lullabelle "Looney" Watkins - Glenda Farrell

No Less a Man

Episode 24

Date Aired: March 15, 1964
Plot: The town council feels Roy Coffee can no longer do his job, and with the notorious Wagner gang on their way to rob the bank, everyone is in a panic. Ben and Adam disagree with the town council and do what they can to help Roy out.
Written by: Jerry Adelman
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Roy Coffee - Ray Teal, Wagner - John Kellogg

Return to Honor

Episode 25

Date Aired: March 22, 1964
Plot: Ben must travel to pay his respects after he learns of the death of his nephew Will. When he visits the grave, he finds his nephew barely alive with a bullet wound. He takes him to a doctor and Will insists that he leave, but Ben refuses. Will explains that the men after him must believe that he is dead. Ben decides his best bet is to take Will home. He and Will are followed by the same men who are interested in some valuables Will is carrying.
Written by: Jack Turley
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Will Cartwright - Guy Williams

The Saga of Muley Jones

Episode 26

Date Aired: March 29, 1964
Plot: The Cartwrights are visited by their second cousin, Muley Jones of Weedville, Missouri who sings with a window-shattering voice and stirs up trouble with Indian negotiations that Ben is trying to ensure.
Written by: Robert V. Barron
Directed by: John Florea
Guest Stars: Muley Jones - Bruce Yarnell, Esky - Jesse White

The Roper

Episode 27

Date Aired: April 5, 1964
Plot: Will is having second thoughts about staying on at the Ponderosa, and outlaws hit the ranch and take him with them. The leader, Lee Hewitt, is a young killer and plans on robbing the Ponderosa, so Will must take action to save himself, Hewitt's wife, the doctor, and his newfound relatives, the Cartwrights.
Written by: Peter Packer
Directed by: John Florea
Guest Stars: Will Cartwright - Guy Williams, Lee Hewitt - Scott Marlowe, Emma Hewitt - Julie Sommars

A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay

Episode 28

Date Aired: April 12, 1964
Plot: A headstrong Chinese girl (Marlo Thomas) visiting the Cartwrights incites labor unrest among local workers.
Written by: Lewis Clay
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest Stars: Tai Lee - Marlo Thomas, Nu Shan - Benson Fong

The Companeros

Episode 29

Date Aired: April 19, 1964
Plot: Mateo Ibara and his wife Carla visit the Ponderosa. Ibara asks Will to return to Mexico with him. Ibara and Will fought together for Juarez's cause and Ibara saved Will's life. For this reason, Will feels obligated to Ibara, but Ben is suspicious of the man's motives.
Written by: Ken Pettus
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Will Cartwright - Guy Williams, Mateo Ibera - Frank Silvera

Enter Thomas Bowers

Episode 30

Date Aired: April 26, 1964
Plot: After a triumphant tour in Europe, a famous Negro singer encounters racial prejudice in Virginia City when he arrives for a concert.
Written by: Murray Golden
Directed by: Murray Golden
Guest Stars: Thomas Bowers - William Marshall

The Dark Past

Episode 31

Date Aired: May 3, 1964
Plot: Moody bounty hunter, Dev Farnum, shows up on the Ponderosa, where the Cartwrights are harboring the wife of the man he is after.
Written by: William Bruckner
Directed by: Murray Golden
Guest Stars: Dev Farnum - Dennis Hopper, Holly Burnside - Susan Seaforth

The Pressure Game

Episode 32

Date Aired: May 10, 1964
Plot: Laura Dayton's Aunt Lil comes to visit and quickly decides it's time she help the hesitant Adam propose to her favorite niece. Her plan is to make Adam jealous by using his cousin Will but it doesn't go exactly as planned.
Written by: Don Tait
Directed by: Tay Garnett
Guest Stars: Aunt Lil - Joan Blondell, Laura Dayton - Kathie Browne, Peggy Dayton - Katie Sweet


Episode 33

Date Aired: May 17, 1964
Plot: Adam and Laura are finally engaged. Adam is secretly building a house and planning for the future. Laura realizes that it's Will she is in love with. Adam is then confined to a wheelchair after falling from a ladder and out of guilt, Laura and Will deny their feelings.
Written by: Frank Cleaver
Directed by: Tay Garnett
Guest Stars: Laura Dayton - Kathie Browne, Peggy - Katie Sweet

Walter and the Outlaws

Episode 34

Date Aired: May 24, 1964
Plot: Hilarious sequel to "Any Friend Of Walter's" in which Obie leaves Walter in Hoss' care. The three outlaws, Macy, Teague, and Willard, kidnap Walter and hold him for ransom, leaving Hoss and the returning Obie to rescue him, but matters turn out the other way.
Written by: Lois Hire
Directed by: Ralph E. Black
Guest Stars: Obie - Arthur Hunnicutt, Walter the dog