Season 11

Another Windmill to Go

Episode 1

Date Aired: September 14, 1969
Plot: An Englishman with a passion for challenging ridiculous laws shows up on the Ponderosa grazing in a land-rowing boat mounted on a wagon.
Written by: Palmer Thompson
Directed by: James B. Clark
Guest Stars: Don Q. Hoat - Laurence Naismith, Abbey - Jill Townsend

The Witness

Episode 2

Date Aired: September 21, 1969
Plot: A young woman, Jenny Winters who is prone to telling tall tales, claims she witnessed the Logan gang holding up a stagecoach. The Cartwrights hide her at the Ponderosa, but that is only the beginning of what Jenny will learn from spinning tall tales.
Written by: Joel Murcott
Directed by: Don Richardson
Guest Stars: Jenny Winters - Melissa Murphy

The Silence at Stillwater

Episode 3

Date Aired: September 28, 1969
Plot: A young boy positively identifies Candy as the man wanted in Stillwater for robbery, arson and murder.
Written by: Preston Wood
Directed by: Joseph Lejtes
Guest Stars: Sheriff Austin - Pat Hingle, Lonnie - Strother Martin, Barnum - Frank Marth

A Lawman's Lot Is Not a Happy One

Episode 4

Date Aired: October 5, 1969
Plot: When he is called to testify in an out-of-town lumber shark case, Roy recruits Hoss to temporarily serve as sheriff. Hoss quickly finds his hands full dealing with a reluctant groom, who plans a robbery to make himself less appealing to his assertive fiancé; and a persistent salesman wanting to sell stock for a resort in the Virginia City area. Will Virginia City ever be the same?
Written by: Vincent Wright
Directed by: Don Richardson
Guest Stars: Hiram Peabody - Tom Bosley

Anatomy of a Lynching

Episode 5

Date Aired: October 12, 1969
Plot: Will Griner is acquitted of murder which upsets the folks of Virginia City. They feel Griner silenced witnesses and are ready to lynch him. Ben works to reopen the case by finding out the truth about the case before it is too late.
Written by: Preston Wood
Directed by: William Wiard
Guest Stars: John Degnan - Guy Stockwell, Louise Thurston - Ellen Weston

To Stop a War

Episode 6

Date Aired: October 19, 1969
Plot: Dan Logan, a former army scout and lawman who works for the Cartwrights, has his hands full with rustlers, a range war, and a one-time prostitute whose devotion is questionable.
Written by: Carey Wilber
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Dan Logan - Steve Forrest, Anita Bayless - Miriam Colon

The Medal

Episode 7

Date Aired: October 26, 1969
Plot: Ben lends a hand to a down and out war veteran, Matthew Rush, who received the Congressional Medal Of Honor.
Written by: Frank Chase
Directed by: Lewis Allen
Guest Stars: Matthew Rush - Dean Stockwell, Seth Nagel - Harry Townes

The Stalker

Episode 8

Date Aired: November 2, 1969
Plot: Candy helps the widow of a man he shot and killed in self defense, unaware she is plotting revenge against him.
Written by: D.C. Fontana
Directed by: Robert L. Friend
Guest Stars: Lisa Campbell - Charlotte Stewart


Episode 9

Date Aired: November 16, 1969
Plot: Little Joe and Candy defend Meena Calhoun and her crusty father, Luke, from horse rustlers. In the process, Joe helps Meena become assertive and stick up for herself.
Written by: Jack B. Sowards
Directed by: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Stars: Meena Calhoun - Ann Prentiss, Luke Calhoun - Dub Taylor, Jesse Potts - Victor French, Owen Potts - Robert Donner, Virgil Potts - George Morgan, Charlie - Stuart Nisbet

A Darker Shadow

Episode 10

Date Aired: November 23, 1969
Plot: A Virginia City store clerk decides to take advantage of his co-worker's paralyzing sensitivity to bright light.
Written by: Jonathon Knopf
Directed by: Don Richardson
Guest Stars: Wade Turner - Gregory Walcott, Sarah - Sandra Smith, Clyde - Dabney Coleman

Dead Wrong

Episode 11

Date Aired: December 7, 1969
Plot: While in Sunville on business for the Ponderosa, the town's storyteller, Salty who has a talent for grossly exaggerating his tales identifies Hoss and Candy as outlaws Big Jack (Hoss) and Sid (Candy). After a frustrating endeavor of convincing Salty of their real identities, Candy and Hoss get him to help stage "Big Jack's" death in a gunfight, unaware that the real Big Jack and Sid are in Sunville and plan to take advantage of the townsfolks' distraction to rob the bank.
Written by: Michael Landon
Directed by: Michael Landon
Guest Stars: Salty Hubbard - Arthur Hunnicutt, Bobby Dan - Eric Christmas

Old Friends

Episode 12

Date Aired: December 14, 1969
Plot: Ben is sorry to learn that two of his oldest friends are on opposite sides of the law, after 27 years. Charlie Shepard once worked a mining claim with Ben, along with Jess Waddell, now a bounty hunter, and will stop at nothing to kill Charlie, regardless of what anyone tries to persuade him to do otherwise.
Written by: Barney Slater
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Charlie Shepard - Robert J. Wilke, Jess Waddell - Morgan Woodward

Abner Willoughby's Return

Episode 13

Date Aired: December 21, 1969
Plot: Joe agrees to help the man who tried to steal his horse, Abner Willoughby, who has returned to claim the box of gold he hid years ago, before going to sea.
Written by: Jack B. Sowards
Directed by: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Stars: Abner Willoughby - John Astin

It's a Small World

Episode 14

Date Aired: January 4, 1970
Plot: A prejudiced Virginia City banker spurns Ben's recommendation of a recent widower (with an infant daughter to raise) for a bank teller's job because he's a midget. The midget, a former circus performer, steals money from the bank to support his daughter.
Written by: Michael Landon
Directed by: Michael Landon
Guest Stars: George Marshall - Michael Dunn, John Flint - Edward Binns

Danger Road

Episode 15

Date Aired: January 11, 1970
Plot: Ben needs to haul three beams that are 30 feet long and the Cambeau Freight Company will not do it. A new, independent freight hauler may be the answer. However, when Ben meets Gunny, he orders him off the Ponderosa. Ben and Gunny served together in the Mexican war, and chose opposite sides. Ben puts his differences aside with Gunny and helps him win the government contract away from Cambeau Freight Company.
Written by: Milton S. Gelman
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Raymond "Gunny" Riley - Robert Lansing, Cambeau - William Sylvester

The Big Jackpot

Episode 16

Date Aired: January 18, 1970
Plot: Candy has inherited a fortune from an Indian he helped. He quits his job on the Ponderosa and becomes a vice president for a land promotor who is selling beautiful, fertile land. When it is discovered that the land promotor is selling barren desert land, Candy and the Cartwrights set out to expose the land promotor as a fraud.
Written by: John Hawkins
Directed by: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Stars: Atworth Perry - Walter Brooke

The Trouble with Amy

Episode 17

Date Aired: January 25, 1970
Plot: Ben comes to the aid of Amy Wilder, an eccentric animal lover whose mental competency is questioned when a neighbor declares an interest in her land for mining. The neighbor asks the court for a hearing to have Amy declared senile so he can obtain her land, setting off Ben's race against time to track down Amy's relatives to defend her mental state.
Written by: Jack Miller
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Amy Wilder - Jo Van Fleet

The Lady and the Mark

Episode 18

Date Aired: February 1, 1970
Plot: A new wealthy Ponderosa employee with a weakness for women becomes the target of con artists.
Written by: Preston Wood
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Chris Keller - Christopher Connelly, Charity McGill - Elaine Giftos

Is There Any Man Here

Episode 19

Date Aired: February 8, 1970
Plot: When the daughter of a friend declares her love for him, Ben agonizes over what to do.
Written by: B.W. Sandefur
Directed by: Don Richardson
Guest Stars: Jennifer Carlisle - Mariette Hartley, Tuttle Ames - Burr DeBenning

The Law and Billy Burgess

Episode 20

Date Aired: February 15, 1970
Plot: Ben seriously doubts an angry young man committed several murders to which he has confessed to.
Written by: Stanley Roberts
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Matilda K. Curtis - Mercedes McCambridge, Doc Lyman - Les Tremayne, Billy Burgess - David Cassidy

Long Way to Ogden

Episode 21

Date Aired: February 22, 1970
Plot: Ben gambles the future of the Ponderosa when a convincing meat packer from Chicago, sets out to ruin the local cattle industry.
Written by: Joel Murcott
Directed by: Lewis Allen
Guest Stars: Emmett J. Whitney - Walter Barnes, Ma Brinker - Kathleen Freeman

Return Engagement

Episode 22

Date Aired: March 1, 1970
Plot: En route to San Francisco, actress Lotta Crabtree arrives in Virginia City for a special performance. Hoss is smitten by the beautiful actress, which makes her leading man jealous. When he is killed during a performance, Lotta and then Hoss are suspected of the death. It is up to Ben to set things straight.
Written by: Stanley Roberts
Directed by: Don Richardson
Guest Stars: Lotta Crabtree - Sally Kellerman

The Gold Mine

Episode 23

Date Aired: March 8, 1970
Plot: Two drifters come to the Ponderosa and they try to rob the Cartwrights but are driven away. Joe becomes close to the young Mexican, Ramon, who is with them. After they get into a little disagreement they throw Ramon out. The drifters then discover that Ramon has found gold. Ramon returns to the Ponderosa and is welcomed. The Cartwrights learn that Ramon's father, who had to take care of his large family, sold his son to the two men. The two drifters grab Ramon and force him to tell them where he found the gold. They are about to make their claim when the Cartwrights stop them and let Ramon claim the gold as his. Ramon then goes back to Mexico with his fortune.
Written by: Robert Bruckner
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: Bayliss - Bruce Dern, Rader - Ross Hagen, Ramon - Tony de Costa

Decision at Los Robles

Episode 24

Date Aired: March 22, 1970
Plot: Ben and Joe stop in Los Robles for a couple of beers and a night's rest. Ben sees the town boss, John Walker, bullying the saloon waitress, and he comes to her defense. When Ben steps outside of the saloon, Walker shoots him in the back. Badly wounded, Ben shoots back, killing Walker just before he falls unconscious. While Joe keeps a vigil at Ben's bedside, the priest tells him Los Robles had always been ruled unquestionably by John Walker and his son Jed. Now Jed will certainly want revenge. Sure enough, he tells Joe if he doesn't hand Ben over in 24 hours, he will kill every citizen in Los Robles, one an hour. To complicate matters more, Walker's foreman, Garth, deliberately tells Jed that Ben shot his father in the back, in hopes that Joe will kill Walker, so he can run the Walker ranch. When Joe tries to mobilize a few citizens to fight Walker and his army of men, he finds a town full of cowards. The biggest coward of all is the doctor. He purposely left the bullet in Ben's back, hoping that he'd die within 24 hours. Jed and Garth make final plans to blow up Los Robles with dynamite, unless Joe surrenders Ben to him.
Written by: Michael Landon
Directed by: Michael Landon
Guest Stars: Jed Walker - William H. Bassett, Father Xavier - Joe De Santis

Caution, Easter Bunny Crossing

Episode 25

Date Aired: March 29, 1970
Plot: "Here comes Hoss Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail... " That's what the folks of Virginia City were probably thinking when a Quaker woman talks a reluctant Hoss into dressing as the Easter Bunny for the orphanage's children. While hippety-hopping and waiting for Easter to be its way, Hoss while dressed in the Easter Bunny costume contends with a group of inept outlaws, who commit a comedy of errors in their attempts to rob stagecoaches.
Written by: Larry Markes
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Guest Stars: Red Gaskell - Marc Lawrence, Charity Moffit - Allyn Ann McLerie

The Horse Traders

Episode 26

Date Aired: April 5, 1970
Plot: In this second episode to feature Meena Calhoun and her father, Hoss and Joe's plans to sell horses from the livery stables in town is thwarted. Virgil and his two brothers also go into the livery business which creates troubles for Hoss and Joe.
Written by: Jack B. Sowards
Directed by: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Stars: Meena Calhoun - Ann Prentiss, Luke Calhoun - Dub Taylor

What Are Pardners For?

Episode 27

Date Aired: April 12, 1970
Plot: Hoss meets two men. He forms a rapport with them and they tell him that they plan to rob the bank in the town they are going to. Hoss tries to stop them but he fails. Hoss decides to go into the town to warn the sheriff but is too late. The sheriff then arrests Hoss.
Written by: Jack B. Sowards
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Luke - John Beck, Sheriff - Slim Pickens, Calvin - Hamilton Camp

A Matter of Circumstance

Episode 28

Date Aired: April 19, 1970
Plot: Little Joe stays back at the Ponderosa to tend to its operation as Ben, Hoss, Candy and Hop Sing leave for a cattle drive, who leave as a severe thunderstorm approaches. Joe goes to the barn to calm a horse that was spooked by the thunder and lightning. But just when it seems like the horse has settled down, the horse goes wild, knocking down Joe and crushing his left arm and breaking his leg. Joe goes in and out of consciousness and after struggling against driving rain and winds to get into the house treats his wounds. However, the arm is infected and Joe, fearing gangrene has set in, debates whether to amputate the wound.
Written by: B.W. Sandefur
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Guest Stars: Griffin - Ted Gehring, Tim - Vincent Van Patten