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BONANZA Trails is an active community of dedicated fans of the BONANZA TV series. This community, built in 2015 for the continuance of the BONANZA legacy, is handled by a small core group of people. We were the generation that viewed the series as it was broadcast over the airwaves. The timeless TV series has found a permanent place in our hearts, as we hope it does yours. This website is an extension of our love and admiration for a classic television masterpiece.

Who We Are

Patricia J. Davis (Peej)

I'm an avid reader with favoritism to the western genre.  My maternal grandfather, William R. Cox, was a prolific author/screenwriter whose scripts included BONANZA and other television westerns. Due to a writing style that engaged and captured the reader's imagination, he was granted the Western Writer's Association Award.  He and long-time family friend MacKinlay Kantor (another prolific writer and Pulitzer Prize winner for his novel Andersonville) instilled in me a love of all things western.  With the experience and influence of these great writers, I grew to love the art of writing literature, and have published two books.  Yet another western influence came in the form of lifelong friend Tex Ritter, winner of the 1952 Academy Award for Best Original Song for his rendition of the Ballad of High Noon.  I grew up among favorites such as the Tex Ritter Show, the Roy Rogers Show and Hopalong Cassidy, all of which cemented my love for the western genre.  I became an avid fan of the BONANZA series from the moment it aired - and I'm still an avid fan.  I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's Degree in Archeology; became a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, spent several years as a legal secretary, and ended up as a medical/surgical assistant at the local hospital.  Hobbies:  traveling (domestic and foreign), scuba diving, horseback riding, reading, and writing BONANZA fanfiction.

Betty H. Thaldorf (BettyHT)

In 1959, I saw this amazing western named Bonanza and loved it from the start. Adam Cartwright was my hero. After I graduated from college, I worked as a teacher, got married, and raised a son. Wilderness camping and canoeing, golfing, gardening, reading, and traveling were my hobbies. Years later, I discovered Star Trek fan fiction and heard about conventions they had, but it was over ten years later that I found there was Bonanza fan fiction, fan sites, and fans. My hero was back. When I retired, I had time to read and devoured Bonanza fan fiction, and in 2012, I tried my hand at writing some. That has become as important a hobby as any other, and like gardening and golfing, I have met many people because of it and have new friends.

Site Development Team


David T. Spivey (DavidSpivey)

I love the business of helping people. Since I was 14 years old, I have worked with customers of all levels of experience, helping to guide them in an increasingly complex world of computers. I began working in web design in 2001, building a website dedicated to helping people learn javascript - a programming language for the web. As I learned the power of web programming languages, I also began to realize their potential to harm users. As I studied the dark side of programming, I became aware of a vast library of code that could be used to break into customer computers. I also noticed that existing antivirus software was ineffective against attacks from skilled hackers. Armed with this in-depth knowledge of intrusion methods, I began to assist my customers in blocking security flaws that could allow attackers into their computers. Little did I know then that this work would become my main forte. For the last 14 years, I have specialized in intrusion prevention and cleanup of existing intrusions. After servicing my customers' systems, I can assure them protection from all future infections. For more information about my services, visit www.answersbydavid.com

Ronald P. Spivey (RonSpivey)

I began my computer education in college and began my own computer consulting business in 1989. I have developed and managed three corporations as well as a number of subordinate business models, designed computer training curriculum, and taught on a corporate and classroom level for a number of years. I have worked as a Systems/Network/Software Engineer and have always had a loyal customer following because our company goal has always been focused on customer satisfaction. We have designed and hosted over 25 websites with one of the largest and most comprehensive being the Valdosta Chamber of Commerce website. Creating artwork and graphic design is a fulfilling aspect of our business. I give credit to God for giving us inspiration and guidance to build the beautiful designs we produce for our customers.